How can you benefit from Hypnosis and Coaching?

“Can you just help me get out of my own way?” is a phrase I hear all too often.

What if you had a life without those self-constructed walls around you?

What if those bruises from life disappeared and you were free to step forward?

What if you got excited about what could be, rather than being held back by the risk of what might go wrong?

What if you stopped settling for ‘it’s ok, I’ll get by’?

Imagine if you could stop worrying what others thought of you?

Imagine if this thing called life is your show and you could write the script, how would you write the script?

What would you do if you could unleash your potential?

Unleashing someone’s true potential is like finding hidden treasure. It’s really not buried as deep as you might think – often it’s just hidden beneath the surface, but you need someone to help you rediscover it and help you breathe life back into it …..

Why is it so hard to change?

Did you know that 5% of your conscious mind is constantly working against the 95% of what you have memorize subconsciously? This is like the mind and body working in opposition. There is a process however that makes change quite easy. I help people get from where they are to where they want to be in the quickest way possible.

The ONE problem that holds people back from reaching their potential is they haven’t broken through their subconscious blocks yet. Every person I have ever worked with has uncovered at least one of these blocks. These barriers, if not removed, cause negative thinking, self doubt, overwhelm, and insecurities to persist.
Even if you are already extravagantly successful I can promise you that your success block is still holding you back from achieving your true potential. In fact, the more successful you get, the more urgent it becomes to overcome these blocks.

➤When we dissolve these barriers, we are free.
➤That moment is profound.
➤It feels wonderful.
➤You will remember it forever.
➤It’s the occasion of our ultimate liberation.

Although I have experienced that joyful moment and have witnessed it hundreds of times I am still deeply moved every time it occurs. Begin by considering the possibility that you have at least one hidden block that is keeping you from being completely successful.

If you don’t clear these limitations out of your way, they will be a drag on you and hinder you from your capacity in every area of your life.

Forgive me if this is too blunt, but if our positions were reversed I’d want you to be just as blunt with me. I have taken the risk of being this straightforward with many people who were already quite successful. I did so, not because they were paying me, but because it’s part of my life’s mission to help people claim their full potential.

What you will love about our work and method is that it doesn’t take long to uncover where your subconscious blocks come from and how to remove them. Once you see it, you turn on the light in a dark room. There is cleanup work that usually needs to be done, but with the light on, it’s not that hard.

If you are …
👉open to learning
👉ready for change
👉willing to take action
👉committed to positive results…then this will work for you.

If those conditions are met we can easily identify and transcend your success blocks. The results speak for themselves in the testimonials and stories you can find by clicking here and here.

Along the path to success my clients all discovered the life changing secret.

“Susan, for as long as I can remember I had been struggling with self sabotage and critical thinking. I ruined many amazing opportunities due to this fear of success and failure. I felt lost and empty. Your program was completely transformational and worth every cent! I only wish I would have done it sooner. Even during the program, I couldn’t imagine how changed I would be in a short time. My aches and pains have disappeared, I am in much better physical condition than I have been in a long time, my stress levels have decreased significantly, and I am able to enjoy time off, especially with my family. I feel confident, happy, and excited about the future.” Chris, 42, New York

The glass ceiling they were working under is held in place by a single problem, a barrier they did not know they had.
Once they saw the problem and how to solve it, they were free to go beyond ordinary success to a new and extraordinary level of happiness, wealth, health, love, and creativity in their lives.

I imagine that you sense a huge unrealized potential within yourself and an extraordinary level of success you can achieve. You probably also worry about falling short of achieving it. If you feel that way you are on the threshold of the greatest opportunity of your life. You are about to make a discovery that will remove the barrier between you and the ultimate triumph.

Do you wonder if you might have success blocks? Just ask yourself these questions:

➤Do you frequently experience great success for a while, only to sabotage your achievements by suddenly feeling unmotivated, being disorganized or not following up on important tasks?
➤Do you enjoy your relationship for extended amounts of time and abruptly stop the flow of intimacy and deep connection by criticizing your partner and starting an argument?
➤Do you start your health resolution with clean eating, hydrating, exercising and feeling great for several days in a row, then go on a weekend binge of unhealthy restaurant food, too much liquor, and late nights, leaving you feeling bloated, dull and deeply disappointed?

Do you notice the simple pattern? You might have a limited tolerance for consistent success by unconsciously creating this yoyo effect. Once again the success block ruins everything.

When you reach your personal upper limit you manufacture actions that sabotage your good efforts. This is the very common problem that prevents people from achieving an effortless positive forward trajectory, or what my clients call, living in the flow.

My final question to you:
🔷 Would you like to turn on YOUR flow of positive energy and success?

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