Intensive Total Transformation Program – Unleash your Potential

“I feel on top of the world!”

“I am finally enjoying my life… free of guilt, anxiety, and shame.”

“I am excited, confident, and inspired.”

Are you ready to experience an EXTRAORDINARY life?

We are all motivated by two things; to be the best we can be and to lead a fulfilling life. We all have unlimited potential within us. Those that recognize this and get to know how their mind works, can harness their ability and determination to remain steadfast toward the achievement of their goals. They operate on a higher vibrational frequency to ultimately succeed in reaching their desired outcomes.

Are you ready to unleash your potential and live your best life?

Potential is the difference between where you are now and your underutilized capabilities to reach your desired ambitions, dreams, and goals. Many people underestimate their ability and fall short of all they can potentially achieve in life.

This is not necessarily about achievement (although for many this is exactly what it is). For some it’s about finding peace. For some it’s about ‘being’ rather than ‘having’ or ‘doing’. For others it’s about relationships and being free to authentically be who they are so they can find someone right for them.

As a coach, unleashing potential is about unharnessing people from where they are now and guiding them to realize within themselves their strength and ability to achieve their dreams and goals. It’s a process of releasing people from what is holding them back from the life they want and helping to set them up for success – whatever that might be.

My signature coaching program, Total Transformation, teaches you how to unleash your potential with a new paradigm.

It has allowed hundreds of business professionals to address the underlying patterns of behavior, thoughts, and stress to build a foundation of empowerment in their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological well being so they can thrive and lead lives with clarity and purpose.

Instead of identifying goals based on what society and others think or what I “should” do, I have learned to trust my feelings and set my own goals. I feel stronger, and I am not wasting as much time and energy on insignificant things.

Julie N., Financial Manager, St. Louis

In this 8 Week Intensive Total Transformation Program you will learn how to…

– Get to the root cause of triggers, like addiction to achievement, fear of failure, self doubt, and self criticism

– Get “unstuck”

– Banish fear, and insecurity

– Clear emotional blocks

– Put a dead halt to procrastination and self sabotage

– Remove overwhelm and disorganization

– Turn psychological triggers into personal triumphs

– Unlock your confidence, courage, assertiveness and power ( become an unstoppable authority)

– Regain recognition and affirmation of your value

– Prioritize to work/life balance

– Access consistent motivation and focus

– Let go of perfectionism and become a high achieving performer

– Increase self-awareness, empathy, and self-compassion

– Develop tools and behaviors for optimal physical health

– Courageously move toward your most ambitious goals and vision

– Learn how to hypnotize yourself and guard against being hypnotized by the media and other outlets ( learning this skill alone will change your life!)

– Better understand human behavior to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.

– Uncover your potential

– Discover your purpose

– Break your self imposed success barriers

“Susan, I have been going to therapy for over 8 years and have never felt so free as I do now….it’s only been three weeks in your program and I feel like a new person. I used to have so much doubt, self criticism, I was a people pleaser, didn’t think I was worth it,…. couldn’t concentrate….all that has changed already. Thank you so much…I can’t’ even imagine how I will feel in week eight”. – Madeline K., Attorney

The Total Transformation Program will help you take your life back, remember who you are, and reclaim your power, so that you can create a thriving, sustainable future.

Developed over years of research in neuroscience, neuro linguistic programming, energy psychology, comprehensive leadership development, hypnotherapy, advanced dynamic neuroplasticity, and my experience as an entrepreneur, this program empowers you to banish stress and release subconscious success blocks so you can live and lead a balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling life—without sacrificing your health, career, relationships or happiness.

My intensive curriculum offers deep self-exploration at both the subconscious and conscious levels – the only way to quickly get long-term impactful results.

The five pillars of this program

Pillar #1 = Turn fear into Fuel.

First thing that needs to happen is we need to pull you out of the two most dangerous and unsustainable modes a business owner can be in- stress and panic. If we don’t do that, you end up with more burnout, exhaustion and unfulfillment. Instead of treating surface symptoms like most do, my self developed science based Urban Transformation Process, a “reveal-reclaim-restore” process, frees up repressed emotions and limitations from their origin. What we do is turn your stress trigger into an asset, so that when you are faced with things that used to derail you, you now act confidently and calmly. You will begin to think clearly and be present with the people in your life.

Pillar #2: Empowerment

Everybody faces stress and challenges, but it’s how we think and act about the stressors that are causing people to feel either empowered or disempowered. Currently you are living at the effect of your circumstances instead of being in control and at cause in our life. That causes anxiety. 

Chances are you are running the perfect strategy to get you to where you are at. If anybody wanted to learn how to be a perfectionist, talk to themselves negatively, be indecisive, and worry constantly, they would get coached by you, because these habits have exactly gotten you to where you are right now.

But, if you are looking to change, that’s going to require you to do something differently. You need skills for developing resilience to stress, building strong self esteem, setting boundaries, talking to yourself like you matter, and becoming aligned with who you are, instead of worrying about what others think of you or catastrophizing your future. 

Pillar # 3: Self Love

This means knowing who you are, and truly loving, and embracing all parts of yourself. Because the most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the relationship with yourself. You need to know who you are. Otherwise you’ll become who others want you to be. Everything starts from this relationship with yourself. It is the foundation for emotional safety and confidence.  And an absolute necessity for successful relationships moving forward.

Pillar #4: Transformation

People want to perform better and have the ability to feel calm in the face of a storm. That can’t be done with chronic tension and stress in your body, because you are always on hyperdrive and your amygdala, part of your brain, is looking for danger. This causes even more stress and exhaustion. Repeating the same thing and expecting a different result is the perfect formula for insanity, right? 

You’ll learn the most important skill a human being could ever learn or own in his life. How to train and manage your own mind and body to be in an optimal state no matter what’s going on. You develop self mastery, not just for now, but for lifetime. 

Pillar # 5: Life By Design

Now it’s about creating the life that you want and being in action to achieve it. And this is a life by design, not by default. Where you are intentional, you know who you are, you know what you want, you are solid emotionally, are no longer reacting to the past, and you are empowered to step forward fully.

Once you master these five pillars you get to step into the best version of yourself, the real you, and get to live your best life.

And you will do this with my full support, with somebody who has been there and can be there by your side. Doing it alone is just painful, I did it alone for over 20 years and suffered for way too long. I don’t want you to have to wait this long. 

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The benefits of participating and completing this program include:

Increased happiness

Better stress management

Improved self confidence

Gain self-awareness

Improved relationships

Healthier conflict management

Enhanced empathy

Clarify boundaries

Improved emotional intelligence and maturity

Increased self worth and self love

Become an inspirational leader

Use mental/emotional energy more efficiently

Increased ability to help others

Manifest powerfully – Set goals and learn skills to achieve them easily

Increase joy

Who is this program for?

  • The Total Transformation Program is for ambitious individuals who are committed to learning a new way to live and lead that doesn’t sacrifice everything they have worked so hard to build.
  • The program is for professionals who are ready and willing to take control of their life, who want more meaning, purpose, connection, balance, confidence, and fun. It is for ambitious individuals who are looking for expert guidance to show them how to get there faster.
  • This program is for high-achieving performers who are already making six-figures, but are experiencing burnout, stress, and overwhelm and want more fulfillment out of life.
  • This program is for hard working people who are committed to understanding and improving their mental state.
  • This program is for professionals who could be considered a workaholic, but are now cornered and stuck in a career or industry that no longer provides any intrinsic self worth.
  • This program is for talented men and women who are experiencing diminishing returns from years of hard labor.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • The Total Transformation Program is not for people who are looking for the cheapest route, a quick fix, or Do-It-Yourself approach.
  • This program is not for depleted men and women who are OK with being just OK and are willing to accept the status quo ( no judgment, you are just not ready for this level of commitment yet).
  • This program is not for excuse makers. It requires a higher commitment to self examination with unflinching honesty.
  • It is not for people who are not concerned to making a difference in the world
  • It is not for those who are unwilling to let go of their fear and get out of their“comfort zone”
  • It is not for those who are unable to set aside preconceived judgements of alternative methods to learn the powerful science backed solutions and implement them with total commitment.
  • And it is not for people not willing to invest current resources into themselves to achieve greater reward in their future potential.

8 Week Program Deliverables:

Here’s what you get when you join the 56 Day Total Transformation Program:

– Personal Urban Quantum Healing Hypnosis session

-You gain access to an 8-week proprietary online system and methodology proven to help you live your best life and reach your potential
-Cutting edge tools to rebuild the entire foundation of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological wellness and stability—in order to lead life with clarity, passion and purpose
-Strategies to redesign your personal and professional life for a thriving and sustainable future

-You will receive cutting edge leadership training

-You will learn effective communications skills and strategies

-8 one hour private coaching sessions with Susan and unlimited email and text support
-Lifetime access to a suite of interactive assessments, guided lessons, cutting edge training, mental, emotional, psychological, energetic, and physical health and wellness resources

-Learn Susan’s powerful Urban Transformation method along with teachings to uncover core patterns from childhood that define your purpose and destiny. Empowering you to align with your life path.

Time investment for the program will be approximately three to five hours each week

My promise to you:

You will feel like a new more dynamic person in 8 weeks or less with such outward results that people around you will wonder what happened. 

Investment: $5,000.

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