There is a big difference between treating anxiety and healing from anxiety

Persistent anxiety may indicate a significant issue if traditional methods like therapy, medication, coping skills, and nervous system regulation haven’t yielded desired results. This suggests the presence of unresolved stress stored in your body.

To truly overcome anxiety, it’s crucial to delve into the root causes at a subconscious level. Addressing these issues allows you to reclaim your authentic self, paving the way for restored health and happiness.

I want to feel like myself again…

“I feel like I have lost my edge. I am feeling really stagnant and stuck right now. I seem to delay everything that’s important. I easily get distracted and get busy with “busy” work instead of focusing on the things that need to be done… and at the end of the day nothing is getting accomplished.

Things only get delayed further and further. I have been feeling really stagnant for the last few years. My mind gets in the way causing more and more self doubt and procrastination. 

I feel frustrated and depressed about this. Nothing is working and I wonder what’s the real issue. I used to be so disciplined and consistent. 

I am afraid that as I get older I am wasting more time, losing more money, and not fulfilling my legacy.


My wife has noticed a change too, but I keep telling her that nothing is wrong and distance myself from her. I just don’t want to be bothered. Yes, I have become irritable and impatient with her and my kids, but they don’t deserve this.

My health isn’t optimal, I don’t like to see myself in the mirror and don’t even recognize myself anymore. I used to be in such good shape, exercised all the time and watched what I ate. 

How did this happen?

I just want to get back to my REAL self.  

I want to feel like myself again. 

I want to be fulfilled and leave a great legacy.

I want to get a grip on my life.

I want to feel peaceful inside. 

I would like the energy and motivation to take my business to the next level. 

I want to provide a great example and a great life for my kids

I am tired of feeling this way.”

I asked my client, “How much do you think this problem is COSTING you?”

He immediately said, “at least 500k.”


Imagine if we could fix this in a short time…what would that be worth to you?

Did you say, priceless? 

I agree, it is priceless. 

Interesting how problems hold hands with each other, isn’t it? And when we fix one problem…imagine what will happen to all the other problems. 

People often severely underestimate how GREAT IT CAN GET when we get to the root cause of the problem.

​My expertise is to help you connect and communicate with your unconscious mind and uncover the “viruses” in your “hard drive” that are driving the unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors, as well as elicit and redirect the unconscious resources to take back control of your life. 

YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN on how to eliminate your problems for once and for all.

We do that with the Advanced Breakthrough Method – a form of SELF HYPNOSIS. This method allows us to 

The result is a REAL and lasting transformation. 

The Secret to an unfair Advantage

🗝 What is the SECRET to an unfair advantage? ( it’s NOT working harder or putting in more hours)

Why are wealthy CEOs at risk for heart disease, diabetes, divorce, and premature death and what can you do about it?

👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💼We are more stressed than ever.

More than half of all executives do not have a satisfactory work life balance.

They live with anxiety and feel completely overwhelmed and depleted. They feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, even though from the outside everything seems perfectly fine.

⚕️Doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep per night, but the average Fortune 500 CEO only gets 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night due to burnout and stress.

Excessive stress increases the risk of divorce by 45%, cancer by 200% and premature death by as much as 20%. 

Chronic stress has been linked to unhappy relationships, strokes, increasing the likelihood by 50% and heart disease increasing the chance by 25%. 

👉👉👉What separates high achievers who are in control from everybody else?

❌ You might think it’s working with a life coach, taking massive amounts of adderall, buying self development programs, learning mindfulness techniques, doing Ayahuasca, or going to weekly psychotherapy sessions. 

Those could be useful for some, but NOT for leaders who want to be consistently empowered.

😥What if I told you that the problem is not STRESS. The problem is HOW you deal with stress. 

Unfortunately we learned from an early age that stress is something we should run away from and fear. 

What if the SECRET to ultimate success is learning how to use stress to motivate, empower, and energize you?

My name is Susan Urban. I am a Master Coach in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. 

I have helped tons of success driven clients overcome anxiety, burnout, and CHRONIC STRESS, so they can get back in the driver’s seat again and get their life back. My clients achieve this in less than 3 months. 

It’s time to live your best life and become your best self!

📿 Learning how to manage STRESS lowers the risk of heart attacks by 50%. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Your relationships begin to be meaningful again.

💵 High powered professionals who implement this strategy experience an 80% increase in job performance and income. 

More CEOs are learning how to become true peak performers, despite the pressure they experience in their life. They do this by reconditioning and rewiring their mind and neurology to eliminate any of the drivers that produce physical, mental and emotional challenges. 

They become more relaxed, focused, calm, and in control. 

My gift to you is a free life changing conversation. 🙌 If you want to find out how to do this, message me today. 

Raised to “make nice”?

Have you been raised to always “make nice”?

Have you been told that it is your responsibility to make sure everybody around is HAPPY – and not let anybody down?

What if I told you that is the WORST advice you have been given, EVEN THOUGH the intention underneath this lesson comes from a well meaning person?

This is an IMPOSSIBLE task to accomplish no matter how kind, generous or loving you are.

As a professional, it can feel impossible to balance the responsibilities to:

* Your team

* Your stakeholders

* Your family

So many of the people we speak to are burning out trying to PLEASE EVERYONE!

They were taught that in order to succeed everyone around them must be happy.

Many of us have been conditioned to “make nice” and “be careful not to let anyone down.”

But when you run around trying to please others (and let’s be honest, prove your worth), you only end up running yourself down.

And, eventually, you hit a glass ceiling or BURN OUT.

Listen, the way we’ve been taught to navigate our careers ISN’T WORKING. 

Today, it’s important to navigate as a LEADER who is neither always the go-to solution nor a nice guy/girl.

IT’S TIME to be authentically you, raise the bar, and protect your well-being.

Because a life lived on someone else’s terms is no life at all.

And you deserve to live on your own terms.

If you are ready to rewrite the book to your game of success, I invite you to book a call with me.  

I can show you how you can pivot to be more powerful, and where you can finally draw boundaries around your personal time that won’t tank your reputation.