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Susan Urban

I only wish I would have done it sooner…

Susan, for as long as I can remember I had been struggling with self sabotage and critical thinking. I ruined many amazing opportunities due to this fear of success and failure. I felt lost and empty. Your program was completely transformational and worth every cent! I only wish I would have done it sooner. Even during the program, I couldn’t imagine how changed I would be in a short time. My aches and pains have disappeared, I am in much better physical condition than I have been in a long time, my stress levels have decreased significantly, and I am able to enjoy time off, especially with my family. I feel confident, happy, and excited about the future.” Chris, 42, New York

Meeting Susan was a game-changer for me. After struggling silently for far too long, I decided to take the leap and seek her guidance. In just one session, Susan unlocked a transformational experience within me. It felt like she peeled away layers of negative thoughts that had been clouding my mind for years, allowing me to see things from a fresh perspective. I’m now embracing life as a completely new person, armed with the tools Susan has equipped me with. If you’re hesitating, don’t wait any longer – Susan’s expertise can truly change your life. Mr. A.

One of life’s worst seasons…

“I began working with Susan Urban after suffering through one of life’s worst seasons of depression, fearfulness, and anxiety. I was desperate for a change. I was considering therapy but not looking forward to digging around in my mind for painful memories and emotions. As a young man, I had embraced and prospered mentally and career-wise using techniques that Susan utilizes. Through the trials of life, I had forgotten about the powerfulness of these techniques. I highly recommend Susan and the work she does. She is a brilliant transformation coach/therapist. If you do the work and embrace the tools she offers, you will experience positive changes in your outlook on life.

I have noticed that I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and change. Such a welcome experience. I can’t thank you enough. Just what I was looking for. You have shown such care and patience. It’s almost overwhelming, not in a bad sense, but in a joyful sense. You’ve done some amazing work in with me and I’m looking to continue to grow. Best I’ve felt in at least a year. “ — Scott Erwin, MBA, CPA, Author – Life is a Ballet

Scott’s confidence soared after working with Susan Urban.
I feel more confident, happy, fulfilled and focused

“Susan has left an enduring, positive impact on my life and I can’t thank her enough. I participated in the Total Transformation program and through the online learning and personal coaching sessions I’m more confident, happy, fulfilled and focused. I even quit drinking, which is not something I even anticipated going into the program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get more out of life or perform at a level you wouldn’t have thought possible.”


Life changing!!!

“Going through Susan’s program has completely changed my life. It put me on a path of self discovery, self love, healing and helped me focus on what is most important – myself, my family and my purpose in this life.”

Julie N., Financial Manager, St. Louis

I have been going to therapy for 8 years and never felt so free….

“Susan, I have been going to therapy for over 8 years and have never felt so free as I do now….it’s only been three weeks in your program and I feel like a new person. I used to have so much doubt, self criticism, I was a people pleaser, didn’t think I was worth it,…. couldn’t concentrate….all that has changed already. Thank you so much…I can’t’ even imagine how I will feel in week six”. – Attorney

I feel totally recharged and empowered after being burnt out and anxious for so long

“When I found this program ( Total Transformation Program), I had already tried a lot of things: meditation, yoga, ayahuasca, traditional talk therapy. I had been waking up with a sense of dread and lurking dissatisfaction in my life. I was striving and searching for something but I didn’t know what. I was anxious and living in a state of constant stress.Then I started doing the work in this program. The content and exercises were spot on for what I needed. Susan’s support, help, and training helped me tremendously. I have a sense of joy and gratitude and the discipline I have always desired.”

Mark 52, Financial Analyst

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Susan has had a profound impact on my life…

“Susan has had a profound impact on my life, body and career for over 10 years. I have worked with her in a variety of ways, including half marathon training, weight loss goals and confidence boosting. But, our most recent sessions have been the most impactful.

As a coach myself, I understand the benefits of working with an experienced, motivating and supportive mentor. Susan brings those qualities and more to each of her clients. Her deep compassion and drive for excellence is evident in all she does.

Susan takes me to the next level, period! I moved even further outside my comfort zone to apply for (and get) my dream job. I am reworking my website to prioritize the work I truly love and streamlined my priorities so I can accomplish more in less time. Honing my decision-making skill, moving past overthinking and overwhelm and dropping limiting beliefs is propelling my career, relationships and happiness.

Thank you, Susan, I value your friendship and support and truly hope my words inspire others to work with you.” —  xoxo/m

I’m not one to ask for help…

“I’m not one to ask for help, so committing to my sessions with Susan Urban was a big step forward. Fear and anxiety plagued me both in my business and personal life and I didn’t want to spend years working on this.  Knowing that is not how Susan works, I jumped in. After the first session, I knew I was in the right place. Susan’s methods really helped me to see my own self-worth, where I wanted to be in my life and career and through time-line therapy I could see that the fear that has plagued me most of my life was all in my head. I finally feel like I’m stepping into the person I am meant to be.” — Larry, Manhasset

Recovered Perfectionist

“ I started seeing Susan during a stressful period in my life, chiefly to help address the tremendous amount of anxiety I was having around public speaking, as well as to work on my tendency toward perfectionism. When I first met Susan, I was finding it difficult to speak up in meetings at work, and was faced with the challenge of speaking at a very large conference. I felt completely overwhelmed.

Susan not only gave me tools for dealing with the physical symptoms and mental anguish I experienced around public speaking, she also helped me unpack how my perfectionism was affecting my daily life. After only a short time, I was feeling much more capable of handling the stressors in my life, so much so that my partner and others around me were remarking on the difference.

I am much kinder to myself now, and I can’t express how much freer I feel in my life because of that change. I highly recommend Susan’s help with tackling any anxiety issue, and for perfectionism in particular.” — Recovered Perfectionist, 53 years old

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Clearing stress and bottled up emotions

I had an unbelievable experience with Susan today. I feel strongly that this is the beginning of a long lasting relationship. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to just set themselves straight

Peggy S., Business Owner in New York

From low confidence to unshakable…

“In the short time I’ve worked with Susan I’ve gone from low confidence to healthy confidence. Part of me was broken and I’m feeling not only restored but better than ever. To use a baseball analogy, I feel like I was a 12-game winner on my way to becoming a 20-game winner! I was just added as a board member for the Desire to Inspire Foundation. That wouldn’t have been possible without Susan and who outstanding coaching! Susan, thank you!!!” – Andrew F.

I began to peel the layers of emotional clutter…

“Susan Urban has been tremendous in making me realize the I had control to change the narrative in my head and to achieve the results I wanted. With each coaching session I began to peel layers of emotional clutter that fogged my perception of actuality that limited me in many areas of my relationships both professionally and personally. As the fog in my mind dissipated, I began to see with clarity the endless possibilities to achieving a better life. Susan brought me closer to joy. Susan has been an asset in my quest to becoming my authentic true self!!” — Julian R.

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Pregnancy Trauma

“I had a problem. My husband and I wanted another child, but my last pregnancy and postpartum was a traumatic experience for me, and anytime I even saw an expectant mother, I experienced PTSD.

When I would even think about getting pregnant, I would withdraw from the world for hours or days. I knew that if I wanted another child, I needed help.I tried it various methods to deal with this issue such as conventional therapy, counseling with my mentor, meditation, and prayer.

Then my husband suggested working with Susan. I was very skeptical after having been disappointed with so many other professionals, given that I did not receive desirable results from the other methods, I was willing to give it a try. My husband reached out to over 50 coaches, selected his top 3, and set me up with phone interviews. 
Susan won me over completely. She was highly professional and hyper-rational and exuded competence and the clarity of expertise. Her sincerity, empathy, and understanding made me feel heard and understood in a way unrivaled by the others. Whereas the other practitioners offered a package of sessions, Susan proposed results.

Upfront, Susan let me know the total price for treatment and that there would be no additional costs or hidden fees. We created a plan, and she guaranteed to deliver her results or keep trying for free until we succeeded. As it turned out, she got me results even faster than she said she would. I have an extremely hectic work schedule in addition to my family life and I estimate I only needed 4 hours in session time. 
Before our first session, Susan had me fill out an extremely detailed questionnaire about my lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and other habits, as well as penetrating questions that forced me to clarify my goals and precisely what I hoped to achieve. Then, after our sessions, she custom-tailored a personal recording that I listened to daily for months preceding my pregnancy that addressed my goals and specific challenges. Within a few months, I experienced a drastic change in my perspective and I felt I was ready to try for a pregnancy. Susan also followed up with me several times to support and inquire as to my progress. I can’t tell you exactly when or how she cured me, but I am pregnant and happy about it (except for morning sickness).Thank you, Susan.” Amy, Brooklyn

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Moving toward retirement with confidence and inner peace

“Before I started working with Susan, I was unhappy with my life in general and had doubts about being able to work for the next five years until I retire.  I was numbing my feelings by drinking at night, which only made matters worse.  I’ve had these feelings for years.  I went through a divorce about 10 years ago and really shut myself off from ever thinking that I would want to be in a relationship again.

I have a good friend that also went through a divorce, but she was always trying things to improve her life and how she was feeling.  She worked with a life coach.  At first, I wondered if using a life coach would be beneficial and if they had specific training.  I was worried about spending the money too.  Susan indicated that she could help me feel better, live better and become the person that I longed to be.  That was the one big thing that I always said to close friends, that there was this person that I wanted to be, but I just couldn’t get there.   

After hearing more about the program from Susan; I decided to take the plunge and invest in myself.   Immediately, she introduced me to simple things that I could do to change my mindset.  I started incorporating those things into my daily routine.  There were exercises in identifying what I wanted out of life and to determine how I could get there.  I became very aware of my self-talk and how damaging negative thoughts are.  I live by myself and work by myself, so that was the only way I was getting feedback was from my own negative thoughts.

The program is a combination of on-line lessons and then there are individual and group coaching sessions.  Susan is an amazing person with an amazing ability to be helpful and to make you feel good about yourself.   Every time I got off the phone with her, I felt like a new person!       

I feel so confident in my job and know that I will make it for the next five years.  Actually, I don’t plan to just make it, I plan to thrive.  An unexpected outcome is that I feel so good about the way I interact and communicate with my grown kids now.  I feel like I am their cheerleader, helping them through their difficult times.  That feels so good!

Interestingly, if I had to go through the Covid-19 without the skills that Susan taught me, I know I would be in a fetal position on the couch right now.  I loved going through the program, working with Susan and working every day to be the person that I want to be.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! ” – Mary S.

A testimonial from a happy mom

My daughter had anxiety and would not fly. She did not want to go to college. After working with Susan she had been in college for the last year and flew by herself to London. We call Susan ‘A heat seeking missile who is able to zone in on the anxiety and self sabotaging beliefs and teach you how to release them!’ She really helped my daughter breakthrough and become confident. I now have a truly happy 19 year old!”  – Mom of a teen

Weight Loss Blocks

” I was hesitant to start working with Susan because I didn’t think I had much in the way of issues that needed to be addressed. I finally decided to give it a try to help me remove my mental blocks to losing weight and getting fit. I didn’t just lose weight. I also lost a host of beliefs and feelings that were holding me back. Not only has my body-reshaping become the easiest I’ve ever experienced, but my confidence and willingness to “take the chance” at doing things I’ve never done before have been life changing. I’m so glad to have done the work with Susan prior to the start of the coronavirus lockdown, because it has given me new tools and strategies for coping with all the changes and stress.” 

– Mary R.

Discover Greatness within

“Before I met Susan, what was not working in my life is, that I had extremely LOW SELF ESTEEM, I felt WORTHLESS, I was attracting the wrong people and I was finding myself in this constant hamster wheel…like always attracting the wrong people, always finding myself in the wrong situations, and just not being happy at the end of the day.”

6 weeks later…“Just like magic, I have started to attract the right people in my life, and I know it’s because I have done the work. We’ve had so many discussions together. You have really coached me through every single step of the way, and now I realize I don’t need anybody to be happy. I make myself happy. I see my own self worth.I don’t need somebody telling me that I am great. I can tell myself I am great, because I am great. It’s almost as if the path that I have been walking on that had a lot of rocks and was very treacherous and you didn’t know what you were going to find when you made your next step has now cleared and it’s beautiful. It has flowers and trees…it’s just, I am happy all the time. Although I can see myself in these moments where I might be going down a negative route, I now stop myself in the moment and I have learned to realize, this could affect me this way or that way. I am not going to allow it to affect me the negative way, I am going to choose to have a positive interaction, or avoid whatever that negative is. I wish I could have you next to me every single day. You are stuck with me for lifetime! You made it so easy.

I spent YEARS GOING TO THERAPY AND COUNSELING, many years and I found myself stuck…and I found myself going for I don’t even know for how long and yet nothing was changing. But yet working with you made me realize that the ISSUES I HAD WERE SO MUCH DEEPER. I didn’t realize how deep they actually went and that allowed me to let go of everything and allowed me to be in this positive state that I am in now. The most important investment you can make is into yourself. You have everything to gain. I would 100% recommend Susan’s program to anybody.” Eve C, Attorney

A testimonial from a client who wanted help with Self Esteem and Weight Loss

“My month has been fantastic so far and I have listened to my recording only a couple times but have listened to your youtube energy upgrade meditation daily. As stated my month has been amazing and I am on my way to self-fulfillment. 

You are an amazing women and a good thing you live so far away because I just fell in love with you for helping me become who I want to be. 😊  

I have tried to just live my life and not be concerned about a DIET just eat the things that I know are good for me. 

I do not know how the power of hypnosis worked but something inside of me has changed and in the past I was not able to talk my way out of junk eating but today I can work through it. I do not want to lose this feeling or direction I am going! It has only been a month and I have a long way to go to get to my goal. The self confidence is coming, my self esteem is better than it has ever been, the weight is coming off and I have been looking into fitness classes to help with weight training. At my age I probably will not get that lifetime movie romance I have wanted but 3 out of 4 is pretty good.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the best month I have had in I do not know how long.”

With great appreciation and fondness, Dean

Smoking Cessation

“Susan is a caring and kindhearted hypnotherapist. She takes her time to get to know her clients on the phone before she even meets with them. When she does meet with you, she takes her time during the session and tackles different aspects of one’s life rather than just focusing on an individual problem/addiction.

After the session, she follows up on several occasions to make sure you are and have stayed on the right track. She offers more guidance through her follow-up calls and texts and steers you in the right path towards overcoming the problem you came in with.
Susan makes sure to establish rapport throughout the whole process and treats individuals as a friend rather than just a patient/client. I am happy to have found her and definitely recommend her!”

David Rastegar, Long Island, NY. Business Owner, Father, Husband, Non Smoker

Become a Non Smoker today!

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