Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Unleash your inner power and change your life using transformational hypnotherapy

Transform your life with the power of hypnotherapy – a scientifically-backed tool that unlocks the potential of your subconscious mind.

Transformational Hypnotherapy is beneficial for:

Relaxation: Ease your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.
Inner Strength: Silence your inner critic and unleash your inner power and creativity.
Confidence Boost: Overcome imposter syndrome and believe in yourself like never before.
Emotional Well-being: Reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, while increasing your access to joy and improving your sleep.
Habit Transformation: Break unsupportive habits, boost focus and motivation, and create new, empowering routines.
Goal Achievement: Gain clarity on your life’s direction, overcome inner blocks, and manifest your dreams into reality.
Creativity Unleashed: Strengthen your imagination, tap into your inner child’s creativity, and open your mind to new possibilities.
Inner Transformation: Identify and overcome inner obstacles, find self-compassion, and move forward with greater ease.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy ( RTH) can help people overcome all kinds of challenges, including physical health issues, trauma, PTSD, sugar cravings, emotional eating, self sabotage, substance abuse, infertility, depression, impotence, anxiety, fears and phobias, and weight management as well as enhance performance, focus, concentration, self confidence, self esteem, and self worth.

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RTH combines the most effective techniques from NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, quantum healing hypnotherapy, brain training modalities, energy psychology, and intuitive coaching, with the potential to powerfully transform lives.

Its personalized approach works with clients to help them reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits and emotions – many of which they have carried with them since childhood.

Often, these have been so deeply buried in their subconscious that they are unaware of the past issues affecting them.

By giving the client the potential to alter the way they think and put an end to negative self-talk, they can approach life in a positive way and move forward.

Reflect on what you hope to achieve through hypnotherapy. Click on this link to help clearly define your problem and your goals and send the questionnaire/agreement to susan@successmindsetbyurban.com.

Approach our session with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the process. 

Take some time to learn about how the mind works by reading this page. Understanding the process can help alleviate any misconceptions you may have.

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted during your hypnotherapy sessions. Eliminate distractions and make sure you have privacy.

During our session, follow instructions and guidance. Trust the process and allow yourself to relax and enter a hypnotic state. Be patient with yourself and trust that progress takes time. Visualize yourself achieving your goals.

During hypnosis, your conscious mind relaxes, allowing direct communication with your subconscious. By accessing memories, beliefs, and emotions that influence your behavior, hypnotherapy helps uncover hidden talents and strengths. Through tailored transformational techniques, hypnotherapy enhances creativity, boosts confidence, and unlocks your full potential.

By the end of the session, you’ll leave with a roadmap to a better outlook, increased clarity, and a renewed sense of joy.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy is designed to deliver rapid and lasting results. While the number of sessions can vary based on individual needs, many clients experience significant improvement after just one or a few sessions.

  • Healing Past Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight Loss
  • Emotional Eating
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Unwanted Habits
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Grief and Loss
  • Sports Performance
  • Social Anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
  • Insomnia
  • Pain Managment
  • Overcome PTSD
  • End Nail Biting
  • Better Self Esteem
  • Better Self Confidence
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Overcome Impotence
  • Better Life Fulfillment
  • Overcome Self Sabotage

“I contacted Susan because I was hoping she could help me overcome a compulsive urge. This habit had become so bad, it almost ruined my life, causing me to frequently show up late to work and making me fear I would lose my job. After working with Susan, not only did my bad habit vanish as if overnight, but a physical pain I have had for 35 years also suddenly stopped. That was totally unexpected, to say the least. I felt massive relief, ( I know it sounds unbelievable!). The pain never returned since that day. Before that I had been on pain relief medication for 35 years. I can’t express the gratitude and joy I feel. I have my life back like.

John W., 42 Engineer

You can find more testimonial videos on our youtube channel.

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A hypnotic state is a naturally relaxed state of heightened awareness and increased suggestibility. When we feel safe and relaxed, the mind is more open and able to transform and create new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful approach to creating positive outcomes and achieving desired changes in life. It teaches individuals how to harness the power of their minds to manifest the life they desire.

We can change habits, fears, behaviors, emotional states, and limiting beliefs, because we tap into the subconscious mind for answers and instantaneous healing.
In addition, we gain insight into life issues and regain optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

Yes, anyone who can pay attention and follow directions can be hypnotized.
Hypnosis is a natural ability experienced during activities like reading, watching a movie, or daydreaming.

Strong-willed individuals can benefit from hypnosis, as it enhances their ability to achieve goals.

There is no loss of control, because you always have conscious awareness of what is going on. There is no risk of getting stuck in hypnosis; clients return to their normal state feeling relaxed and refreshed. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, meaning that although I offer suggestions, you are the one making the changes in your mind.

Discovering the distinction between hypnosis and meditation reveals fascinating insights into their unique purposes.

While hypnosis can be likened to a personalized, goal-oriented guided meditation, the contrast runs deeper.

Meditation highlights the conscious mind’s focus and resilience by heightening awareness of the present moment, encouraging acceptance without judgment. Conversely, hypnosis delves into the subconscious, utilizing relaxation and focused techniques to diminish present-moment awareness, paving the way for embracing new ideas and transformation.

In essence, meditation centers on embracing the present, while hypnosis focuses on reshaping it.

Despite their differences, many individuals find both experiences equally soothing and empowering, allowing feelings of tranquility and confidence. As responses to hypnosis vary, exploring it firsthand can offer profound insights into its effects on your well-being.

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