Leadership Program: Secrets to Masterful Influence and Persuasion

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Refine your Communication Skills and Mastery to Influence…

– Receive a step by step method for leading masterful conversations of influence and persuasion
– Protect yourself from manipulators
– Easily handle difficult people
– Discover foundational skills to create a win/win for all
– Attain power rapport skills for connecting with anyone anywhere
– Have people thinking, feeling, and acting the way you want them to so that they naturally follow your lead

– Acquire questioning strategies that uncover people’s real fears and needs
– Learn how to qualify your prospects without having to persuade or manipulate them ( which doesn’t feel good to anyone)
– Become an objection and argument handling pro

 – Become more charming, charismatic and irresistible 

Investment as a standalone online program $499

Investment with three 1 hour zoom or phone coaching sessions $999


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