Raised to “make nice”?

Have you been raised to always “make nice”?

Have you been told that it is your responsibility to make sure everybody around is HAPPY – and not let anybody down?

What if I told you that is the WORST advice you have been given, EVEN THOUGH the intention underneath this lesson comes from a well meaning person?

This is an IMPOSSIBLE task to accomplish no matter how kind, generous or loving you are.

As a professional, it can feel impossible to balance the responsibilities to:

* Your team

* Your stakeholders

* Your family

So many of the people we speak to are burning out trying to PLEASE EVERYONE!

They were taught that in order to succeed everyone around them must be happy.

Many of us have been conditioned to “make nice” and “be careful not to let anyone down.”

But when you run around trying to please others (and let’s be honest, prove your worth), you only end up running yourself down.

And, eventually, you hit a glass ceiling or BURN OUT.

Listen, the way we’ve been taught to navigate our careers ISN’T WORKING. 

Today, it’s important to navigate as a LEADER who is neither always the go-to solution nor a nice guy/girl.

IT’S TIME to be authentically you, raise the bar, and protect your well-being.

Because a life lived on someone else’s terms is no life at all.

And you deserve to live on your own terms.

If you are ready to rewrite the book to your game of success, I invite you to book a call with me.  

I can show you how you can pivot to be more powerful, and where you can finally draw boundaries around your personal time that won’t tank your reputation.