Corporate Program to Overcome Burnout, Overwhelm and Stress and Achieve Peak Levels of Performance


The Urban High Potential Performance Program allows your employees to go from

– Low productivity to consistent peak performance
-Overwhelmed to clear, centered and focused
-Stressed to resilient, energized and self motivated
-Unsure and doubtful to competent, relentless and productive
-Self sabotaging behaviors to reaching full potential
-Inadequate communication skills and conflict resolving to speaking confidently and moving through objections with ease
-Feeling alone to having a confidential thought and accountability partner
-Dissatisfied to empowered, positive, fulfilled and successful

And they do it without working harder, longer hours, or continually hitting a ceiling of productivity.

Employees who are satisfied, confident, competent, and fulfilled, communicate well, help each other more, think creatively, and don’t leave for another employer after a short time are worth their weight in gold.

Aspects of the program are delivered both through individual zoom meetings with Susan Urban and remote technologies.

Six Week Urban High Potential Performance Program ( for up to 10 employees)

Each employer receives
An individual 2 Hour Intensive Breakthrough Session with Susan via zoom
Six weeks of online coaching modules, time investment approximately three hours each week
Weekly one-on-one coaching session with Susan for each employee ( one hour each)
Susan offers support and accountability via email and text for the duration of the program

Optional Follow up Momentum Training
Weekly one hour one-on-one meeting with Coach Susan upon request
( additional individual support in person, email or text available upon request)

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