Intensive Total Transformation Program – Peak Performance for Business Leaders

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If you are ready to become an unstoppable Authority in your life and career and your Best Self, I have good news for you.

My signature coaching program, Total Transformation, teaches a new leadership paradigm that has empowered tons of business professionals to address the underlying patterns of burnout and stress and build a foundation of empowerment—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and occupational well being—so they can thrive and lead lives with clarity and purpose.

In this 6 Week Intensive Total Transformation Program you will learn how to…

– Banish Fear and Insecurity
– Break Free from any Limitations, Inhibitions, and Insecurities
– Put a dead halt to Procrastination and Self Sabotage
– Dissolve Emotional Blocks
– Quickly remove Overwhelm and become organized
– Radiate Confidence, Assertiveness and Power ( become an unstoppable Authority)
– Gain inner Peace, Clarity, Focus and Certainty
– Motivate yourself consistently and efficiently
– Become a High Achieving Performer
– Develop Optimal Physical Health
– Achieve Personal Power and move toward your Most Ambitious Goals
– Truly understand Human Behavior, so that you can have deeper and more meaningful Relationships
– Unlock your Fullest Potential
– Courageously take more Risks

This program will give you your life back, remember who you are, reclaim your power, and redesign your live for a thriving, sustainable future.

Developed over years of research in neuroscience, neuro linguistic programming, positive psychology, hypnosis, energy psychology, holistic leadership development, and my experience as an entrepreneur, this program empowers you to banish stress so you can live and lead balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling lives—without sacrificing your health, careers, relationships or happiness.

Harness powerful leadership and master your emotions, your mind, and your voice, so you have the clarity to create the life you want and make the impact in the world you’re here to make.

I train leaders to uncover and address each layer of burnout that puts people’s bodies into “crisis” or “survival” mode so they can identify subconscious blocks and patterns, limiting beliefs, overcome the addiction to achievement, and stop playing small.
My system empowers you with lifelong tools and processes to examine the ways you lose yourself to check-the-box success and societal expectations that keep you stuck on autopilot.

This intensive curriculum blends the theoretical and practical, masculine and feminine leadership principles, and deep self-exploration at both the subconscious and conscious levels to get impactful results quickly that last long-term.


6 Week Program Deliverables:
Here’s what YOU get when you book a call to join the 42 Day Total Transformation Program:

Access to a 6-week proprietary system and methodology proven to banish stress, help you become the best version of yourself and reach your potential

– 6 one hour private coaching sessions with unlimited email and text support
– Lifetime access to a suite of interactive assessments, guided lessons, mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness resources
– Leadership tools
Time investment approximately three hours each week

Investment: $4400


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